• 52 Km 1+1 SD Microwave Wireless Link

    The Scenario
    The customer is one Natural Gas production Co working the Egyptian market, Established from more than 10 years.
    The Onshore site is located in North of Sinai cost with 52 Km distance far from the Offshore Barge, It is essential to have stable connection with the Offshore to get Gas wells data, Access and control the DCS and perform Phone calls with Offshore stuff and any future data access demand.
    The existing VSAT communications network was ineffective with frequent downtime , Huge delay time and insufficient bandwidth to carry the traffic.


    Challenges and Solutions

    • Microwave is the most cost-efficient solution for connecting Offshore operations to Onshore locations.Picture2
    • Offshore communications present many challenges. The RF links conditions are very challenging due to link distances and presence of water in the link path.
    • Water surface often can be a strong source of reflection which could introduce a multipath interference at the receiver this could lead to inconsistent performance.
    • In order to provide better link performance, a “1+1 space diversity (SD)” setup is used. In this case, a separate ODU with antenna is deployed for each site. The receiver can then pick out the better of the two received signals at two antennas, which could significantly improve link condition against multipath problems as well as in links with weak RF receive signals.
    • Long link distances reduce available link budget.
    • To over come the distance we installed our links over 135m tower on the Onshore and 25m in the Offshore.

    Picture3 Picture4 wireless 220x220


    Picture6 Picture5
    With Cooperation with SAF one of the most specialized Microwave manufactures in Europe, The 1+1 space diversity of the native IP system effectively overcome the sea surface multi path fading issues.

    System capacity was more than sufficient for customer requirements. With a system reliability of 99.999%, the customer will only experience  a downtime of 5 minutes or less per annum.