wireless 220x220

Point To Point (PTP)

  • Reduce operational expenses by eliminating fiber and leased line cost.
  • Installing link and providing the service within hours.
  • Providing bandwidth up-to 100 Mbps.
  • Provides carrier-class reliability can reach 99.999% up-time.
  • Overcomes challenging environmental barriers to connectivity.

Point to Multi-Point (PMP)

  • Faster time to market and lower Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Flexibility in service delivery using shared or dedicated bandwidth.
  • Security, performance and reliability that meets or exceeds leased line networks.


Enterprise WLAN and WiFi

Educational institutions are at the forefront of WLAN deployment, as widespread campus Internet access is a necessity for teaching, administration, and research. Increasingly, widespread wireless access is necessary to meet the high expectations of students who spend much of their day online, both to support their studies and to engage in social networking.

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