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What’s Cloud CRM?

Cloud CRM typically offers access to the application via Web-based tools (or Web browser) logins where the CRM system administrator has previously defined access levels across the organization. Employees can log in to the CRM system, simultaneously, from any Internet-enabled computer or device. Often, cloud CRM provide users with mobile apps to make it easier to use the CRM on smartphones and tablets.

Why Cloud CRM?

  1. Accesssecure from anywhere. Because of the nature of cloud-based systems, an associate can login from just about anywhere with Internet and be able to access their account and client/customer information.
  2. Scalability. Because cloud-based systems are flexible with providing capacity, cloud-based CRMs can allow a company to scale up or down depending on their needs.
  3. Flexible integration. The way many companies use CRM systems that provide added services (email clients, etc.) with a cloud-based CRM system, these integrations are usually much easier to initiate and maintain.
  4. Collaboration. Cloud-based CRM systems allow users to have their own logins and therefore, multiple accounts can be logged in at the same time and working on edits to contacts or other information
  5. Data backup. Cloud-based CRMs pay close attention to the backup policies and usually have a recovery process if data was disturbed or breached.
  6. Cost reduction. Cloud-based CRM provide Monthly fee model which reduces investment costs when compared to implementing an onsite CRM system.

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