ATSI Provides an IP communications platforms and pre-integrated applications suite developed specifically for the demands of today’s multi-channel contact center.

More importantly, Each solution is all-in-one solution that unifies communications, information and business processes throughout your organization — allowing agents to respond to customers more dynamically, IT staff to eliminate multi-point legacy system headaches, and the customer experience to be a consistent and satisfactory one for every customer you serve.

We can provide the customer with different types of Call Center solutions and Platforms either on-premises solutions or Cloud Solutions with simple pricing feature.

We can help you to grow up with your existing features and adding new features to your telephony platform like:

  • One Point for Administration.
  • Reporting and Supervision.
  • Call Recording , waiting , Transfer , Forwarding.
  • Call Queues.
  • Multichannel and Skill based routing.
  • Speech Enabled IVR – Different Languages.
  • Outbound Campaigns.
  • CRM Integrations.
  • Multipart conferencing.
  • Dashboard Statistics.
  • Savings on toll calls – Free calls between offices.
  • Remote (off-premises) extensions.
  • Voicemail.

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